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Brad Gillman

Brad Gillman has spent 25 years in Sales, Sales Management, Operations Management, and Entrepreneurship on various levels in different corporate and small business settings. Additionally, he has conquered many challenges in his life and more specifically in the area of small business. Brad has had extensive training from some of the best coaches in the business such as Zig Ziglar, Michael E. Gerber, Steve McChesney(Franklin Covey), and Krish Dhanam. Brad uses techniques from each of the teachers listed above to help formulate a plan of action to meet each client’s unique needs. Brad teaches with his own unique style. Some of the characteristics of his style are as follows; creativeness, intensity, goal setting and accountability, out of the box thinking, and a vast understanding of many different industries. Brad combines his knowledge and wisdom to help you achieve your desired results.

I help people realize and achieve their Dreams! Brad Gillman

Our Specialties at TA Consulting include but are not limited to: Leadership Growth, Time Management, Sales Training, Sales Management, P and L Sheets, HR, Accounting, and Operations.

Our Philosophy at TA Consulting is: We don’t want to be all things to all people, we want to be everything to a demanding few. Steve Slack

At TA Consulting we are looking for those business owners that are The Demanding Few. We are looking for those people who wake up each day and want to better themselves and their businesses. We are looking for those who want to grow their business exponentially.

We are looking for those who have hit a roadblock and desire help to navigate that roadblock. If this sounds like you, take that step out of your comfort zone and make an appointment today.

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To schedule a session with Brad, please use the Book Brad Now Button below. All first time appointment bookings will be followed by a phone call to cover location details, and any others questions you may have. 
Rates for Business Consulting are $100 per 50-minute session.